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OPW 241TPS-1000 Swivel


OPW 1″ Swivel 2 Plane (Multi-Plane)

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OPW 1″ Swivel 2 Plane (Multi-Plane)

  • The OPW 241TPS Series of swivels are designed and rigorously tested for applications where easy nozzle and hose handling is important for customer convenience. Swivels are installed in between the nozzle and the hose to provide flexibility in the system to reduce customer strain, position the nozzle properly and reduce premature hose wear
  • UL and ULc-listed for use in gasoline, diesel, and up to 10% ethanol blends. Specific listings available at
  • Allows for easy nozzle positioning in fill pipes – utilizing two planes of rotation
  • Reduces premature hose wear – utilizing two planes of rotation
  • Added protection vs. thermal and chemical degradation – Dual Seals
  • 50 psi (3.45 bar) maximum pressure
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