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Husky 000087 Swivel


Husky 1″ Swivel 360 Degree Rotation Multi-Plane

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Husky 1″ Swivel 360 Degree Rotation Multi-Plane

  • All Husky® Multi-Plane Swivels
    • Compatible with diesel fuels and Ethanol blends through E10.
    • Compact and light weight for easy handling.
    • High flow rates due to laminar flow design.
    • High strength step shoulder bearing diameters and impact absorbing stops.
    • Double o-ring seals at each swivel provide long life at low temperatures (-40° F/C).
  • Husky® High Volume Multi-Plane Swivels
    • Multi-Plane, full 360° spherical rotation for easy movement of nozzle.
    • For use with high flow nozzles with flow rates up to 100 gpm/ 378 Lpm.
    • Raised stainless steel ball bearings provide easy joint movement, greatly improving ease of swivel when used on higher pressure systems.
    • 75% less back pressure.
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