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Cim-Tek 70018 Multi-Fuel Filter (300MB-30)


Cim-Tek 3/4″ 30 Micron Multi-Fuel Filter W+Phase

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Cim-Tek 3/4″ 30 Micron Multi-Fuel Filter with Water & Phase Separation Detection, 1-12 Thread

  • Gasoline and ethanol blends up to 25%
  • Removes particulate, detects phase separation in ethanol blends up to 25% & detects free or emulsified water in straight gasoline
  • Slows flow to notify the operator that water is present, and action is required
  • Patented Multi-Fuel® media includes multiple layers of Microglass for increased retention, less resistance to fluid flow, and lower clean filter differential pressure
  • 1″-12 Thread
  • 30 Micron filtration
  • 25 GPM (94.6 LPM) Max flow
    50 PSI (3.4 BAR) Max working pressure
    25 PSID (1.7 BAR) Max differential pressure
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